The future of the automotive speaks electric


Challenges and changes of automotive market

A new scenario in which to get around

According to a recent study by Mckinsey *, the automotive sector is preparing to face unheard of challenges and changes due to the rapid evolution of technologies, the rise of new business models and the re-setting of the competitive scenario linked to the entry of new players.

Streparava and Arrival, an emerging company in the electric automotive sector, have worked closely to develop, from zero, independent driven suspensions designed specifically to meet the new vehicle concept of the future.

Understanding the needs of the future ahead of others

An example of the changes taking place is well represented by the British Arrival, a “technology company that realizes vans in the way they should be built: smart and electric”. Arrival is not a consolidated player in the automotive sector, but it is the emblem of the new incoming players. Not bound by constructive and technological logics of the past, they set themselves the goal of deeply rethinking the way people and goods will move. In fact, Arrival declares to “design its vehicles from scratch […] transforming the way vehicles are designed, produced and used”.

Streparava and Arrival, two companies oriented to tomorrow

These technological and competitive scenarios changes require a range of skills and technologies that are difficult to manage from a single company. Even technological and innovative companies such as Arrival have had to turn to external partners for the development of their solutions. Arrival is a technology company fueled by the ambition to make EVs the new normal. With an engineering team curated from the most globally renowned technology brands, Arrival is designing and manufacturing beautiful electric vehicles and technology poised to disrupt the automotive world.

Starting from a clean sheet, Arrival’s unique approach is the key to be the first player to truly facilitate the widespread adoption of better, smarter, cleaner electric vehicle technology.

On this basis, in 2015, the collaboration between Arrival and Streparava was born, in order to design from the beginning driven suspensions specifically intended for the new vehicle concept. Streparava has worked to design the front and rear independent suspensions for the new 4.2 tons gross vehicle weight. Actually already since 2010 Streparava began design and validation activities for a solution that involved the use of electric engines integrated in independent suspensions.

Compactness, lightweight and improved steering angles

The collaboration between Arrival and Streparava allowed to achieve important results such as:
Greater compactness. The possibility of having a lowered load truck bed, allowed a greater compactness compared to alternative solutions on the market.
Less weight. Thanks to the use of materials such as aluminum, the weight of the suspension is reduced compared to alternative solutions on the market.
Better steering angle turning circle. Streparava has developed a system of steering suspensions, both at the front and rear, which ensures the maneuverability of the vehicle even in tight space.
Components modularity. The design focused on standardization and modular design of the components for higher production efficiency and assembling operations strongly robotized.

Royal Mail, the most important British mail service, has chosen Arrival

Streparava is proud of the results of this collaboration, that has allowed Arrival to deliver first demo-vehicles to Royal Mail, the most important British mail service, to experiment them on daily duties, carrying packages and correspondence around the center of London. The first Arrival’s vehicles have already been tested by the Royal Mail, nine samples with ranges considered suitable for the objectives of the postal company (equal to about 136 km with a recharging). All electric vans will be used daily at Mount Pleasant Operations Center of London to transport mail between all the city’s platforms to the most decentralized ones in South East England. The English postal company is the first operator to try these vehicles made of very light materials that reduces tare, increasing range and decreasing operating costs.




Presence in the world

With 9 facilities in the world, Streparava produces chassis and powertrain components with an high degree of precision, supplied to the major OEMs for motorcycles, automobiles, buses, industrial and commercial vehicles.

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