The ethical and behavioral principles which inspire our Group

We share values and aspirations with those who come along in our path to growth.

Ethical Code

We create value in our full transparency

The Ethical Code defines the totality of values, rules, ethical principles and behaviors all companies within our group look up to in conducting their businesses. The Ethical Code is a fundamental part of the Modello Organizzativo 231,an Italian model of organization and management, which regulates the managerial responsibilities of the legal subjects and companies.

We've always operated with the goal of creating value and satisfy our customers, shareholders and suppliers, enhancing all the people working in our Group.

The Ethical Code and the Modello Organizzativo 231 both express the commitments and ethical responsibilities in conducting business activities for all the companies within our Group, following principles of correctness, legality and transparency, following the laws, procedures and regulations contained in the Ethical Code and the Modello Organizzativo 231.

Download here Business Ethics Policy

Team spirit, wellbeing and challenge

three are the values which best reprensent the ethical heritage of our Group and the guide lines for the conduction of our business and stakeholders relations. We act as a team rather than individuals; we put peope in the middle, promoting a working environment which takes care of our employees from a phisical, mental and emotional point of view; we try to find a different way of doing things, accepting every day a new challenge.


Presence in the world

With 7 facilities in the world, Streparava produces chassis and powertrain components with an high degree of precision, supplied to the major OEMs for motorcycles, automobiles, buses, industrial and commercial vehicles.