Today Streparava has established itself as a benchmark player in the automotive world.


Looking far

It's 1951 and we're in Cologne, province of Brescia, in the beating heart of a new born Italy. Four men joined by the same initiative unite their energy to start a company, which initially only deals in screws and bolts for third parties.

Started under the vaults of a small deconsecrated church, the business quickly organizes itself and starts to grow, with the addition of a facility for mechanical works, one for the creation of machine tools and another one for steel thermo-printing.

A business adventure started under the vaults of a church…

The 70' come and so begins the transfer of the various Company's assets in the headquarters of Adro, province of Brescia: now all the activities are under one roof, and the Company's growth continues quickly.

Also because among the founding partners is Angelo Luigi Streparava, a man who can look far into the future, with an uncommon entrepreneurial spirit, and who, in those same years, becomes the sole owner of the company.

In 1981 the Streparava Group is born. From there on, a constant and progressive growth brings our group to incorporate other businesses - such as Borroni and SPT Italia - and to open new facilities in Spain, India, and Brazil and to be recognized as a qualified and trustworthy partner by the major companies in the automotive sector.


The founder, Order of Merit for Labour, Angelo Luigi Streparava, a man with an extraordinary temperament and a great vision, was able to pass on to his son Pierluigi, the actual President, the values necessary to consolidate the company and the spirit to undertake new challenges.

From 1951 to this day, 3 generations have followed one another leading our Group, each with its own motivations and aspirations.

Today, leading the Group is Paolo Streparava, CEO, third generation, together with Roberto Deltratti (Project Manager LATAM), and Enrico Deltratti (Business Development & Sales Director) - working everyday to promote the know-how and the competences acquired in the years.

A strategic project born from unity of purpose.

Main feature of our Group is the unity of the whole team, on every level, with a managing and operational team dynamic and sharp. On these basis, an effective method for management and strategic planning was created: HOSHIN KANRI, a tool which allows the constant verification on the advancement of our group's most important development projects.

We are a family since 1951. Ready for the challenges of the future.