In Streparava we have the required testing tools to operate in complete autonomy.

Testing Center

A reliable top class testing center

In Streparava remaining at the highest levels of competitiveness is a primary objective. To reach said goal one must adopt cutting edge product development techniques, that also make everything else easier,

a reliable top class testing center.

Within our testing center we are equipped with everything we need to operate autonomously for the various certification tests, offering our clients a thorough and reliable partnership.

We are certified

Our lab is credited EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 by Accredia.
Credited Testing - accreditation number 1492

We are Accredited…

This means we are able to give a declaration of conformity to the standard in regard to the trials executed, in our case EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018, recognized worldwide.

… and open to the world.

Thanks to the equipment at our disposal, we're able to realize a huge variety of tests and measurements, even on behalf of others. Our testing Center is opened to companies in need of specific tests and validations for their products.

Technical specifications

Available kinds of tests and measurements

  • Dynamic multi-axial tests with road data replica
  • Mono/bi/tri-axial tests on single component or sub-system
  • Autocertification test for componentsponenti
  • Systems resolution tests
  • Real time data acquisition on vehicle
  • Global damage evaluation with non significant data filtering and elimination of undamaged parts signal
  • Strain gauges, accelerometer, potentiometer and various transducer application
  • Post-processing analysis of relevant data

Main available equipment

  • Road data simulation
  • Dynamic simulation up to 20 Hz
  • 8 channels monitored (4 for each wheel side)
  • 1,5 to 8,5 ton suspender installation
  • 900 l/min hydraulic central
  • 8x7 m seismic mass with minimal reasonance equal to 0,8 Hz
  • MTS RCP-PRO software for road data elaboration with custom time-histories creation for all kinds of vehicular missions

  • Re-equippable benches for all kinds of tests
  • Possibility to exercise mono/bi/tri-axial tests
  • MTS Flextest control software with control possibilities for 12 analog inputs/ports and 16 digital ones
  • 5 100kN MTS actuators equipped with load cell and movement control
  • Complex systems tests in low frequency (1-1,5 Hz) running control
  • Load control tests with frequency up to 10Hz
  • Custom tests on client specifications

MGCplus Series HBM data collector with Catman software
MTS SWIFT40T dynamometer wheels.


Presence in the world

With 7 facilities in the world, Streparava produces chassis and powertrain components with an high degree of precision, supplied to the major OEMs for motorcycles, automobiles, buses, industrial and commercial vehicles.