HOSHIN KANRI: our strategic project



A strategy capable of offering more value to the clients.

People have always tried to understand why some organizations are more innovative, long-lived and better performing than other. One of the universally aknowledged key of success of these organizations is the capacity of taking action based on a deeply rooted ideal.
Defining clearly the concrete motives at the core of the company’s existence and its role in the world allows to align the people with the company’s goals.

In Streparava we are equipped with a business strategy which allows us to constantly increase the value we offer to our clients. From this, the strategic project which eventually became our fist Hoshin Kanri, was born.

We’ve embraced the challenge of growth and constant improval.

A second motive resides in the capacity to transform this alignment and sharing of goals in to actions, executed in synchrony among different departments and different people. In other words, a well defined strategy is not enough to reach great results.
It’s necessary to translate such strategy in well tuned actions and behaviors among the different people within the company. It’s the only way to great results.

the future of mobility

That’s why we’ve decided to focus our attention on the company’s priorities and on the synthesis of these priorities into a medium-to-long-term business strategy – built and shared by the upper management – which represents a veritable governance instrument and a constantly growing value to our customers.
We often spoil our first travel because we haven’t given enough thought about where we want to go and how we want to get there. This causes continuos changes in direction, misunderstandings, fatigue and stress to reach our goals. We want to avoid all of this to work better and let the people in Streparava grow, as well as the company as a whole, in a cohesive and compact manner, toward a shared and common direction, with shared goals and a well structured method.” (Paolo Streparava, CEO)

A strategy able to offer more values to the clients

Our management has then formalized the vision and the core motive for the company’s existence, that is : “Passionate, inspired, sustainable. A global professional team recognized as key innovative solution provider for the future of mobility”.
The management conviction in following this direction is best seen in the decision to invest in Research, Development and Innovation, creating avantgarde structures, like the Testing Center, to deliver innovative and original solutions to make the “future of mobility” closer and more tangible.

Quick and efficent

In this vision, we’ve given ourselves a Strategy that allows us to constantly increase the value offered to our clients. From this, the strategic project which merged into our Hoshin Kanri was born. The word HOSHIN is composed by HO which means direction and SHIN which means needle, so a direction needle: a COMPASS; while KANRI is composed by KAN which means control and RI which means reason or direction.
Hence we have elaborated a true years-long strategic plan starting from the vision, the mission and the company values to discern the growth and enrichment drivers for our clients, through the identification of a set of actions mid-to-long term which through a set of KPI are monitored during the course of their evolution. An ongoing task, bound to the governance and shared strategic execution, which involves all the personnel from the Stepava director team. The Hoshin Kanri does not represent only a directional compass but also a governing system within the company.

A reliable partner aimed at the future.

Often companies suffer not from lack of strategy, but from the lack of the capability to enact the strategy quickly and effectively. That’s why, in Streparava, we’ve established a process of governance and routine creation which guarantee the execution of the defined strategy. A process of “habit management” which through accurate planning of new individual and company habits, allows to anchor down effectively the new strategy and its execution. Fundamental elements for this process are:

  • Project’s A3: a short planning, advancing and control tool for the project, useful to align people to the goal to reach.
  • Progress routine: as in productive processes, also within execution processes the concept of frequency must be introduced.
  • Alarm control: to institute a new habit, the new routines must be supported by constant feedbacks. It’s necessary to build a system which gives the full picture of the strategic plans progress and the right feedbacks to the people involved in the execution of the strategy.

Our Company propose itself as a reliable partner aimed at the future, ready to invest and grow with its clients.

Having defined a development strategy, a governance system and a management plan for the strategy, represent a guarantee for the clients looking for a partner able to accompany them in the challenges present in the automotive sector, to make the “mobility of the future” a widespread reality.


Presence in the world

With 9 facilities in the world, Streparava produces chassis and powertrain components with an high degree of precision, supplied to the major OEMs for motorcycles, automobiles, buses, industrial and commercial vehicles.

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