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Testing Center

Everything becomes easier if you can rely on a top class testing center

For our established customers, but also for the companies which need specific tests to be run on their products, being able to count on Streparava’s testing Center means having a partner able to solve most of the problems related to the testing and validation phase.

To stay at the highest levels of competitiveness and innovation one must adopt cutting edge development techniques.

Our Testing Center, currently composed of four highly qualified experts – a manager, a specialized testing technician and two operators – constantly trained and updated, allows us to give the client an all-around product offer: from design to production, up to product’s validation.

The Certified laboratory function

To the end of mass production, the product’s validation phase is key. That’s why in Streparava we’ve invested heavily in technologies, facilities and softwares to acquire-process road data and bench control and activation. Within the Testing Center’s labs we have all the tools needed to validate the products created for the client, allowing the Company to operate in full autonomy in the various tests for the validation. Thanks to the equipment available to Streparava, we’re able to realize a huge variety of tests and measurements, even on behalf of others. Our testing Center is opened to companies in need of specific tests and validations for their products.

Know-how, experience and investments: our Testing Center is structured to become a certified testing lab.

The required activity to obtain this recognition has not been easy. To obtain the recognition of certified testing lab, is the end of a long process involving all organizational functions, in terms of responsibilities and awareness as well. The whole Company’s structure has come out stronger, both for productivity drive and risk, internal and external, management. A certified testing laboratory is able to give a declaration of conformity to the standard in regard to the trials executed, in our case UNI EN CEI ISO 17025:2018, recognized worldwide. This means that Streparava is able to carry out the certified trials for any client, and its reports are valid worldwide. The certification vouches for the competence of the lab’s personnel in executing the tests following established methods, and it guarantees absolute quality on the results of the tests.

One of the products usually undergoing certification tests is the suspension

The suspension is tested following validated specifications, so as to establish if the product, part or complete, might satisfy the safety conditions needed for its employ. Through the use of properly fitted benches, including a road simulator, able to replicate exactly the payloads on a vehicle on an actual road, the various materials are repeatedly stressed in the most burdensome ways. The testing center tries to reach the breaking point which have been designed and built both internally and by other companies, to show their limits and strengths. When passing the tests, the characteristics are considered suitable for use, and are ready for mass production.


Presence in the world

With 9 facilities in the world, Streparava produces chassis and powertrain components with an high degree of precision, supplied to the major OEMs for motorcycles, automobiles, buses, industrial and commercial vehicles.

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