Suspension Module

Since 1978 we design, validate and produce independent suspension systems for commercial vehicles.



Through the years our competence has expanded to other applications as well, from buses to cars, agricultural vehicles and off roads.
We can produce on client's design, work in co-design to optimize an existing project or, thanks to our R&D department, fully design a suspension system, meeting the technical specific requirements received and evaluating the most suitable materials and production technologies.
Our assembly lines are dedicated, realized to answer the specific demands of the client, with automated process controls and data acquisition relative to the safety of the given parameters. We move every day hundreds of different codes, which compose the bill of materials of the suspensions, acquiring materials from over 30 countries in the world.
We supply to the main automotive "players" complete suspensions for SUV, sports cars, off road vehicles, light commercial vehicles, machinery vehicles, electric cars, urban minibus and buses.


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    veicoli commerciali

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    mezzi pesanti

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Complete process traceability and maximum flexibility in production.

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    Presence in the world

    With 9 facilities in the world, Streparava produces chassis and powertrain components with an high degree of precision, supplied to the major OEMs for motorcycles, automobiles, buses, industrial and commercial vehicles.

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